How to Pay For College as a Single Mom

Whether you are going back to college or this is your first time in collage, paying for college is necessary. As a single mom, this is often a challenge. With kids to take care of singlehandedly, rent to pay and day-to-day running bills, college bills are usually a costly addition. Here is how all single moms desiring to pursue their education can pay the fee.

  1. Scholarships for single moms

Unlike the usual scholarships, scholarships for single moms can be found almost everywhere, both online and off. Consider these places when starting off:  

l Your state government

l Charitable organizations

l Your school

l Professional associations

l Federal agencies

If you have already enrolled in campus, you can contact your school’s financial assistance office. Explain that you are a single mom and express your immense desire to study and become empowered. The campus representative should explain to you how you can get assisted.

Although college is an ideal place to start, you also need to take the lead. Scholarship search tools such as offer a list of opportunities for single mothers. Scholarship search engines will yield numerous results for you to try.

  1. Government grants for single parents

When you receive a government grant, you won’t have to repay it. Having a low income and a mouth to feed will automatically give you a pass to a need-base grant that is not just tailored for single parents. However, you may also opt for opportunities that are for single moms only. Some of the grants to consider include:  

l Iraq and Afghanistan service grants – for children of fallen veterans

l Pell grants

l Supplemental educational opportunity grants

  1. Student loans for single moms

Student loans for single moms might seem least desirable of the three options, but they might be your breakthrough. You are not allowed to use a student loan for non-academic expenses like child care. Consider federal loans first before trying out the private loans.