I Want to Go Back to School, but I Don’t Know What Career I Want

Going back to college is a huge life changer for adult learners. You are about to make the best decision for your future. However, you should first choose the career you want to do.

How to pick a majors

  1. Consider your past experiences

Regardless of what you have been doing since the last time you were in school, you have surely gained valuable experiences. By now, you know the aspects of your job you like and those that you don’t. Think about how the positive elements can be incorporated into a career.

  1. Determine your primary interests and your strengths

If you want to enjoy your career, you need to think about what interest you and the areas in which you do well. Next, find a career that either interest you or the one you are good at. Taking up a major that conforms to your skills and interest will put you in a good position with regards to enjoying your career.

  1. What about your core values and beliefs?

At times identifying your interests and strengths does not give you direction on the career to choose. If you are in such a position, it’s helpful to consider your core values and beliefs. What excites you? If you are passionate about helping people, you can research on careers that deal with personal interaction and support, such as nursing and social work.

  1. Who do you admire?

Well, jealousy is not among the qualities you should strive to have. However, it might spike insightful insights. Determining the person you envy will give you direction on what you would want for yourself. For instance, if the person you admire most is a teacher, you can consider taking a similar career.

  1. Evaluate your goals

Although the people you admire will give you direction, you should have your goals. Hold on to your vision. Sticking to your passions is likely to ensure you experience happiness in your career path.